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1. The tower case must be less than 8” (20 cm) wide in order to allow placing all 8 disc bins


2. Dexterix should be placed on the flat-leveled top of the manual duplication tower. Dexterix’ bottom is magnetic. The tower case should be ferrous. If the tower case is made of non-ferrous material, the top of the tower must be covered with a sheet of self adhesive non-magnetized, magnetically receptive material (We can supply this article separately)


3. When open, all the drive trays must be aligned along a common line. Open all the trays (using the drive’s eject button) and check the drive trays alignment before attempting to bundle Dexterix with the tower.


4. Duplication tower must be placed on a flat, horizontal plane and it has to be stable.

Its drive trays must be perfectly aligned vertically. One may want to use a level instrument to make sure the plane is horizontal and the trays are vertically aligned. This is important, disc placement accuracy depending on it.


5. The trays of the drives have to open widely and need to be hook-less, allowing the disc to travel freely on vertical axis and lay down correctly into the tray (depending on the type of drives used, one may need to cut off the disc retainers, although this is not always necessary).



6. At this point, Dexterix can only automate duplicators provided with Wytron controllers. Such duplication tower can be used either with Dexterix (automatic disc change) or manually. The Wytron controller inside the duplication tower requests the attached robot to change the disc when necessary.

Your Wytron controller manual duplication tower needs to have the RS232 (serial communication interface) module installed and the DB9 connector available on the rear. If your tower doesn’t have this connector pre-installed and Dexterix came with the module instead, you need to plug it into the COM2 port of the duplication controller. On Wytron controller’s setup menu, set the “Autoloader” option to “Classic”.  See "Interfacing" for details.

One may expect best performance when using Dexterix in conjunction with a 4-8 targets tower provided with a hard-drive, wherein all its drives are identical writers (no reader). See the Manual and/or "Using Dexterix with duplicators" paragraph in the "Overview" for details.


The pickup device hangs and travels vertically, like a plumb. In order for Dexterix to reliably automate duplicators with 6 drives or more, the tower’s verticality must be carefully adjusted. The higher the tower is, the tighter the tower’s verticality requirement.