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Dexterix can be controlled via RS232, either by specialized disc-processing controllers or by custom applications.


Using Dexterix  with Duplication towers

At this point, Dexterix can only automate duplicators provided with Wytron controllers. The Wytron controller inside the duplication tower requests the attached robot to change the disc when necessary. With such duplication towers, the robot smartly “knows” where to deliver the written discs to and which bin to bring blank discs from, depending on the bin-configuration selected by user at startup. When all the blank discs in a bin have been written/processed, the robot automatically moves to the next available one, delivering the written discs to the last empty bin.

The rejected discs will be placed in front, under the drawers.

If your duplication towers use Wytron controllers, they are Dexterix autoloader ready! Simply connect the RS232 module/cable (provided) to Wytron's COM2 port and your former manual duplicator turns into a standalone reliable high speed, high capacity automated duplicator, ready to work overnight!  There are certain mechanical requirements for the tower to be compatible with Dexterix.

On Wytron controller’s setup menu, set the “Autoloader” option to “Classic”.


This electronic module/cable assembly is the interface between the Wytron controller and the robot. The DB9 (RS232) connector should be installed at the rear of the tower, while the other end should be connected to the controller’s COM2 port.

When Dexterix comes bundled with a duplication tower as a complete duplication system, the module is already installed inside the tower.

When Dexterix is being controlled externally from other applications and not by a Wytron duplication controller, this module is not necessary.


Examples of COM2 location on some Wytron controllers:




Using Dexterix  with custom applications 

We have also provided Dexterix with a set of commands allowing specialized applications to control (via RS232) the transport of a disc between any 2 of the 9 possible locations.


Two types of commands are provided: for picking up a disc from a certain location and respectively for delivering the disc to a certain location. After completing the operation required by each such a command, Dexterix answers back with an “ok” if successfully or respectively “not ok”, if the operation failed. The controlling software should wait for and evaluate the answer, and then send the subsequent command accordingly.



With the command set provided, each location may be either a disc bin or a processing unit tray. As shown in the figure above, when controlling Dexterix from such a customized application, if locations 1,4,6 and 9 are not used the master equipment may be wider than a regular disc duplication tower case.

Please see “ Developer’s corner” for details.