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Dextimus was founded in 2004 with the vision to develop versatile robotics that can bring affordable optical disc handling automation to the markets where such a feature has been desirable but inaccessible for long time.
We are located and presently batch manufacture our robots in Hayward, California.

Our Dexterix   robot is a market proven product, result of thorough R&D and refining work aimed at providing versatility and reliability. Concepts and technical solutions embodied in the product are protected by an issued patent (US7360812) and other pending US and International patent applications.
The most of the robots we have sold automate manual duplication towers in US, South America, Canada, Europe and Australia. We have also supplied robots used for PC automation, where the user’s software controls the robot as needed for their specific application. Among such customers we proudly mention Bose Corp and Microsoft Corp.

Dexterix  is a cost-effective high performance automation solution for CD/DVD/BD processing.
The compact robot provides automatic disc-changing for the equipment it is attached to, whether it is a regular PC or a specialized manual optical-disc processor such as a duplication tower. It works both for professionals and non-professionals, for either short runs or industrial scale disc processing.
The “heart” of the robot is our patented automatic disc-pickup device -the first and only one of its kind in the field. It engages and releases the disc automatically, without any external electro-mechanical actuation.
The independent functionality of the picker reduces to a minimum the number of components prone to failure and allows for extreme robotic simplicity and increased reliability.

The robot is fast, compact, reliable and easy to install and to use. A user-friendly single button operation provides intuitive configuration setup and helps aligning the system interactively.

Despite its apparent simplicity, Dexterix is a rather complex machine, comprising all the elements inherently characteristic to any automation design.
Dexterix works with a minimum of 2 and up to 8 disc bins. The user can choose how many and which disc-bins to use, depending on the current job’s requirements. When used to automate duplicators, there must be at least one bin for blank and one for written discs so one could have a maximum of 7 blank disc bins. Regular 100 CD/DVD disc packaging can be used for stacking the discs. With 7 such 100 disc bins filled with blanks, a maximum of 600 discs can be processed unattended.
For larger scale tasks, capacity can be multiplied by using larger, custom disc magazines.
A simple, interactive procedure allows positioning the bins to their correct locations within 3 minutes: the robot itself places an alignment indicator on the table where each bin needs to be positioned. The user then simply puts a non-slip bin-supporting ring at each such precisely indicated location. These non-slip ring supports under the disc-bins provide abiding alignment.
Dexterix can be controlled via RS232, either by specialized disc-processing controllers or by custom applications.

Duplication towers
At this point, Dexterix can only automate duplicators provided with Wytron controllers. The Wytron controller inside the duplication tower requests the attached robot to change the disc when necessary. If your duplication towers use Wytron controllers, they are Dexterix autoloader ready! Simply connect the RS232 module/cable (provided) to Wytron's COM2 port and your former manual duplicator turns into a standalone reliable high speed, high capacity automated duplicator, ready to work overnight! There are certain mechanical requirements for the tower to be compatible with Dexterix.

Custom applications 
We have also provided Dexterix with a set of commands allowing specialized applications to control (via RS232 interface) the transport of a disc between any 2 of the 9 possible locations.
Two types of commands -pick up a disc from a certain location and respectively deliver the disc to a certain location- provide all one might need to automatically complete the most complex disc processing tasks.
Please see “ Developer’s corner” for details.
Bose Corp. and Microsoft are among our customers that have used Dexterix for such specialized applications.




Dexterix CD DVD autoloader - disc-change cycle for an 8 targets duplication tower ( Wytron DVD688 controller + Pioneer burners). Dexterix can also be controlled (via RS232) by custom software for other types of applications.