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We regularly get and welcome inquiries about controlling Dexterix  from custom applications for using disc-handling automation with a variety of disc-processing tasks (backup, archival, duplication, printing, "printing" using Lightscribe, etc).

To answer such request, we have provided Dexterix  with a simple yet comprehensive set of commands allowing custom applications to control the robot (via RS232 interface) as needed.


When automating "traditional" jobs such as duplication Dexterix can take care of bin management by itself. The disc-processing controller (or the software controlling the robot) sends simple commands such as "load a blank disc" or "take the disc to the output bin", without actually having to manage and specify the bin locations.

Alternatively, when the software (or the disc-processing controller) needs to control specifically where each disc is being taken from and respectively delivered to, commands are provided allowing the transport of a disk between any 2 of the 9 possible locations. Two types of commands -pick up a disc from a certain location and respectively deliver the disc to a certain location- provide all one might need to automatically perform the most complex disc processing tasks.
Please see the “Dexterix’ Developer’s sheet” for details.

Dexterix can be used for PC automation, where the user’s software controls the robot as needed for their specific application. Bose Corp. and Microsoft are among our customers that have used Dexterix for such specialized applications.


Have you developed a new application using Dexterix and consider sharing it with other enthusiasts? Please let us hear about it!